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Last update: 21 May 2024

From now on I'll change the publishing procedure of this homepage: As there won't be so many changes on the NBG MIL COM historic sites in the future and to save your time I'll update this homepage only occasionally.

21 May 2024: Link to the "German American Men's Club of Middle Franconia" (GAMC) included.
2 January 2024:  
Does anybody have informations about the Fire Stations of the Kaserns (location, use)? Please contact the administrator.
8 December 2023:
Thank you, Blain Bertrand, for the photos of Johnson Bks from the 1990ies.
23 August 2023:  
Thank you, James Harris, for adding some rare photos from inside  Johnson Barracks from the 1960ies.
22 April 2023:
If you need a birth certificate from the US Army Hospital, see Genealogy
14 October 2022:
No more links for Veterans programs.
10 October 2021:
 Darby has become a recreation area.
14 January 2021:
Information needed about Monteith 1954. (-> Monteith)
19 December: 25th anniversary of drawdown
and final closure of the Nurnberg Military Community - see Darby Kaserne.
30 November 2020:
Different aspects of the German-American relationship see under
   "Local View"
in the left column.
17 November 2020:
The information panels about the history of the US Army in Fuerth (Nurnberg Military Community) have now found an ideal permanent location for presentation:
The mess hall of the former Nurnberg American High School (now Hans-Boeckler-Schule).
You'll find the panels (English version) under "Local View" in the left column.
2 August 2020: Article of "Nuernberger Nachrichten" how the region benefited from the withdrawl in 1995 (Google translation)
30 May 2020:
Photos from Johnson Bks. between 1957 and 1959 by Jim Moran. Thank you.
5 March 2020:  
Curt Beatty sent me photos from O'Brien Barracks1959 to 1960. Thank you.
20 September 2018: Two new videos inside former Darby Kaserne.
13 September to 11 October 2018:
Exhibition "The US Army In Fuerth" open for public.
Report in the "Fürther Nachrichten" from 15 September 2018.
   You can follow a video on YouTube, on Facebook. and on a slide show.
16 November 2014: Reprint of "Sternenbanner und Kleeblatt" available. See Related Books

From the end of World War II until the rapid drawdown of the early 1990s, the U.S. Army contributed to peace in Europe and victory in the Cold War with a 50-year presence in the greater Nuernberg area. During this half century the region of Germany known as Middle Franconia was host to hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers, many still in uniform, and their familiy members, who have fond memories of their stay in the Nuernberg MILCOM. This site establishes a forum for individuals previously associated with the Nuernberg MILCOM to share their experiences and photographs, and to learn what became of their former work places, shopping centers and housing areas.

This website is an outgrowth of the book "Sternenbanner und Kleeblatt" (The Star-spangled Banner and the Cloverleaf), by native Fuerther Bernd Jesussek, which chronicles in detail the 50-year history of the U.S. Army in Fuerth. The author is most interested in receiving photographs and correspondence related to this site that will help to serve as a fitting cyber-memento of the former U.S. Army presence in greater Nuernberg.

If you have pictures please send them to me, I'll publish them here
(I have many pictures from 1993 and later, but only few ones from the years before).
*) To avoid spam the guestbook entries will be published by the editor with a short delay!

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