William O. Darby Kaserne Fuerth

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Photos from William O. Darby Kaserne between 2009 and today

Old Photos between the beginning and the 1980ies.Conversion Photos between 2002 and 2009.Video on YouTube from 20 September 2018. Part 1. Part 2.
Impressions inside Darby
from 10th of October 2021

Successful conversion

Gym on the right side

Bld. 41

Bld. 41

The "Villa"

Bld. 41

Gym on the right side

Fronmuellerstrasse and housing in teh back

Villa and Bld. 41

The "Suedstadtpark" has become a very important recreation area for the people living in this area.
19 December 2020:

25 years after the drawdown and the final closure of Darby Kaserne

You should imagine about 20 people - former members of the German-American Men's Club -  would have been gathering here today in front of the commemorative plaque at Darby Kaserne.
Because of the pandemic situation and the lockdown we could neither assemble there nor celebrate a dine-out afterwards.

On the 16th of December an article appeared in the Fürth "Stadtzeitung" (translation by Google/Jesussek).

On the 19th of December an article appeared in the "Fürther Nachrichten" (translation by Google/Jesussek).
The "Freie Christengemeinde Fürth" is building a parish hall exactly on the spot of the former AFN radio tower. It will house a kindergarten with 3 classes - many young families are now living in the former Darby area. The bell tower of the chapel is to be seen in the middle in the background.
(10 January 2017)..
More impressions: The former AFN building is in the background on the right side.
14 November 2012
The parade ground is stuck with cubic-shaped buildings.

Bld. 1 in the background in the middle.

View to Steubenstraße, on the parade ground.

The former library,  now office of the property developer P&P.

Bld. 1 has balconies now.

Bld. 1 in the back left.

Photos taken on 9 November 2012
The Wilhelm-Loehe-Hochschule Fürth.

The former gym on the left, Bld. 41 in the background.

View to the North. Church St. Heinrich and Bld. 41 in the background.

Impressions ...

Bld. 84.

Bld. 83A, view to Waldstrasse (place of former Burger King).

Bld. 85.

Bld. 85 and 90. - Now Hotel Prima Vera.
If you would like to stay one more night in the Kaserne...

Along Waldstrasse.

Along Waldstrasse. The Burger King was located on the left side (red container).

The car dealers have left, besides one...
How long will the the gallic village resist...? (Asterix).
Photos taken on 10 April 2010
Dr.-Frank-Straße with Bld. 1 on the left.

The parade ground will be filled with cubical-shaped buildings. Bld. 1 in the back.

Bld. 1

View from the former library to south-East.

View to Steubenstrasse. The MP building in the back.

The library has become the office of the property developer P&P.

The parade ground.

View to Floessaustrasse, from the former gas station (on the right).

View to Floessaustrasse, from the former gas station (on the right).

Bld. 67.

Bld. 53 and 54 have been connected by a concert hall for the Musik Schule Fürth.

Bld. 41 with church St. Heinrich.

Bld. 26.

Apartments in the former warehouse Bld. 26.
The windows have been enlarged (right).