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PX Fuerth

The former PX is still a vital shopping area.
Reporting Concluded June 2016
View from Fronmuellerstrasse across the junction of Waldstrasse to the place of the former PX main building.

The same view, more to the left. In the background the brick mall of the former PX.

The Commissary - now a garden center.

The parking lot of the PhoeniX Center is at the same place as of the former PX (the main building would be on the left hand side).

Opposite view.

The back side of the former Commissary. Some Eastern European car dealers are busy.
The back side of the former Commissary across the Waldstrasse..

The KFC ist still at the Waldstrasse.

Waldstrasse to the east, KFC is on the right hand side.

Areal picture from 17 August 2003.

Fronmueller Strasse in the lower right, the junction with Waldstrasse in the middle. The brown square above the junction is the location of the former PX. Above that the new PhoeniX Center.
Still in operation: 1 = Pizza Hut,
3 = Kentucky Fried Chicken, broken down: 2 = Burger King

23 July 2002:
The new shopping center around the PX was first named "City Limit" and now renamed to "PhoeniX-Center".
"Limit" seemed to be too limited and PhoeniX (with capital letters at the beginning and at the end is reminding to the former PX..

Site-Map see Darby-Kaserne.

Article from the "Fürther Nachrichten"

Areal Photo

(date unknown)


(date unknown)

This area was constructed in 1937 and 1938 and utilized as a Reichsarbeitsdienst (RAD) Labor Service. It was acquired by the German Reich in 1943. From 1943 to 1945, it was a Police department building and RAD clothing depot.

The area was confiscated by the U.S. Army in May 1945 along with the private property across Waldstrasse. The German government bought some of the private property in 1956 (80 and 82 Waldstrasse).

The old part of the PX, the E-shaped building has been completely removed. A shopping center has moved in the newer part in the eastern part of the area (former old Commissary/ Community Bank). The commissary now houses a garden center. Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken are (somehow!) still in business, the Burger King on Waldstrasse has been dismantled.

000620-2 20 June 2000 - the former Commissary became a garden center
The new shopping area"City Limit" with the "PX Sports Café" on the left (10 May 2002)

One of the few reminders of the old facilities (10 May 2002)

The PX on 29 February 1992

A date with the wrecking ball:
20 June 2000 (above and right)

000715 15 July 2000

000910 10 September 2000

1980s renovations brought a mall to PX land.


19 June 1994

Date unknown

Inside the PX in October 1986


Pictures from Carlton Hamrick


far right: Entrance view of new PX

Pictures from Werner Bäuerlein (about 1989).

Left: KFC at Waldstrasse




Below: Golden Gate Disco at Höfener Straße.

At Waldstraße.

Photo from the fifties
by Jim Hysinger

The old Commissary

Row above: Opening of the new Community Bank in July 1989


The Fuerth PX in the fifties
(from Dr. John Caruso Jr.)


These pictures were mailed from Roman Kamienski. Must be from the seventies.
Thank you very much, Roman
(13 July 2004).

Right: "PX was of course the
greatest px ever. Christmas
shopping was great fun and
the liquor section
was fantastic."
(picture - 1961 - and
text by Harry Ross)

Left: The later PX building under construction in the thirties as "Bekleidungsamt" (clothing agency) of the "Deutsche Arbeitsfront" (labour service).

Picture from "Fürth 1933-39 in Fotoreportagen".