Ferris Barracks Erlangen

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The whole area is  named Röthelheimpark.
     Far left: aerial picture from 1970, the Siemens medical dep. buildings (left) and Ferris Bks. are untouched.
Left: In 2008 Siemens has moved its medical dep. (now "Sector Health care") to the western parts of Ferris Bks.
(Pictures: Siemens)

"Fürther Nachrichten" from 8 March 2010:
1000 houses where built and the city earned 61 Mio Euro  by selling the parcels.
Visit to Röthelheimpark
on 23 October 2010

The northeastern corner is under construction.

A new school

You remember the bikes - everywhere?

Siemens is very present here.

A kindergarden

The old US School

The former tennis court

Remember these parts?

The markings on the tree are still there

This sign is up-to-date!

The old brick buildings are renovated

For horse reins

Erlangen - An American's History of a German Town

by Gary Fouse

Interesting book about Erlangen's history including the US Army decades.

Farewell ceremony at
16 September 1993
("Sentinel" from 24 September 1993) (part 1 - part 2)

"Fürther Nachrichten" from 7 July 2004: the former housing area is in the lower right.

Aerial Picture from 2005.

On the map on the right you can see all buildings that are still there in 2002 (black ones). All other buildings have been removed.
The brick buildings of the old part of the Kaserne have completely be renovated. They are protected as monuments.
In the infield a new infrastructure with roads is under construction.

Ferris Luft



The following photos were taken on 7 April 2002.


When the city of Erlangen came under the crown of Prussia in 1792, the city also began its long history as a garrison town with the establishment of the 45th Royal Prussian Infantry Regiment. The Regiment was located 1.2 km northwest of the present caserne, on Lazarettstrasse where you still can see the buildings.

Everything along Hartmannstrasse has been removed. Siemens Medical Department took it over and build new facilities.

Bld. 4030 houses offices of lawyers, realtors etc. Bld. 4035 (on the right) and the buildings behind were rebuilt as appartments.

Bld. 4030 from the North.

In 1890 the 19th Royal Bavarian Infantry Regiment moved into Erlangen which had been taken over by the Bavarian Kingdom in 1810. To accommodate the regimental units, new facilities had to be constructed. Two new infantry barracks were constructed until 1913: Sant Nihiel-Kaserne and Villes
Bretoneaur Kaserne. The Deutsche Reich took over the complex in 1936 and enlarged it by the Rheinland Kaserne.

The Erlangen University moved into some of the old buildings (Medical Department and Natural Sciences.

Bld. 4025/4026 (left photo), Bld. 4033 (above).
See the Bavarian flag!

Around the University many small companies have settled.

Erlangen surrendered on 16 April 1945 to 3rd Infantry Division troops. The post was renamed Ferris Barracks in honor of 2LT Jeffery C. Ferris, 2nd Field Artillery Battalion, 1st Infantry Division, who had been killed in Tunisia. The principal units stationed at Ferris Barracks have changed often.

These buildings are also used by the University.

Were they used as kitchen/ canteen before?

The North-East corner of Ferris Bks. is still waiting for renovation.

The 4th Armored Division units first arrived in 1957, the 81st Artillery in 1960 and the 83rd Artillery in late 1961.
The 2nd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division moved out of Ferris Barracks in January 1994. On 28 June 1994, Ferris Barracks was closed and officially turned over to the German Government.

Declaration of FERRIS BKS on 11 May 1949:

Ferris 8807
July 1988