O'Brien Barracks Schwabach

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Brochure about O'Brien ParkAmmunition Depot and Shooting Area Schwabach see "Storage Areas".
Curt Beatty - March 2020
- Thank you, Curt! -

Photos taken inside the B-Troop building at Obrien Barracks in 1959-60

Curt Beatty - March 2020
- Thank you, Curt! -

Photos taken outside around Obrien Barracks and Schwabach in 1959-60.

O'Brien on 18 September 2010

The entrance with "Mike's Pizza" and "Mike's Original Pizza".

Now the back of the museum

The new museum entry

A new office building

Another map from Roman Kamienski.


Aerial picture from 2005.

Memories from Horst Bratke, Connecticut, about O'Brien Barracks
(8 January 2004)
Memories from Jeffrey Gallant, Arizona, about O'Brien Barracks
(2 December 2003)
Many pictures from
Roman Kamienski
about O'Brien Barracks
(15 July 2004)
Memories from Raymond Melendez
about O'Brien Barracks
(14 April 2004)

On July 30th 2006 I visited O'Brien Barracks again. Nothing has changed witin the last years.

Worth visiting is the Stadtmuseum.

Here are some more impressions.

Far left: The stairs to the basement of the Stadtmuseum.
Left: A relict of the Army?
Above: A part of the US Army section of the museum.
Below: Along the museum building.

Right: Bushes and trees are growing. The windows are broken.

Above: Not the Singal Corps but Russians (?) trying to pick up a satellite signal.

Above: The mess hall in the jungle.

In the Stadtmuseum, located in one of the buildings, they have integrated a commemorative room for the US-Army (pictures by ;arco Frömter in 2005).
The two rows below were taken on 18 Oct. 2003. Not much has changed. The streets are named "Heilsbronner Strasse", "Steiner Straße" and "Museumsstrasse".

The green sign on the left (an imitation!) shall remind of the American Forces stationed here.

1997: Military Police, used by a private company

1997: Theater, Curch, Engineers, devastated

1998: Administration, appartment, unused

Commissary and Officers Club, broken down in 2002

left: Curch tower 1997(unused)

below: Oil change station 1998 Unused)

right: Garages for small vehicles 1998, used as training area for drivung schools

above: locker room for the swimming pool in 1997, burned down summer 1998.
left: maintenance hall, unused (1998)

All pictures with yellow background I received from Oliver Geyer, Schwabach. Many thanks to him and his careful records.

All the following pictures were taken on 14 July 2002.

Picture above by Mr. Frömter

Above: The Mess Hall

The pictures above were taken by Mr. Frömter in February 1995. Compare it with that on the right and on the left, taken in July 2002!

1998, the unused building of the NCO Club.
the PX, in 1998 warehouse of a carpet company
(pictures by Oliver Geyer

14 July 2002: It's the first time ever that I've been in O'Brien Barracks. So I can't tell you anything about the former use of the buildings.
Parts of the Kaserne look very unused, especially a very modern building in the center which is completely surrounded by bushes (picture on the right in this row, looks like a commissary?).
The Schwabach City Museum has moved into one building at the main entrance.

The same view on 18 Oct. 2003

One building is used as home for refugees (on the right), another one as a Kindergarden (on the far right).

The streets inside the Kaserne have been renamed.

The colorful painted building is now a geriatric care, the other ones in this row are built new.







The caserne was constructed by the Deutsche Reich during 1935 and 1936 and named Nachrichtenkaserne. It was used as training center for Horse Cavalry, Signal units and the German Shepherd (K-9) Corps

The atomic cannon photo was taken during an open house.
Left: "The D Troop building 15th Cavalery 4th AD. The artillery unit was attached to O'Brien during this period. I was stationed at O'Brien from mid 1960 until the end of 1962. We were hardly ever there as we stayed in the field on the average of 9 months out of the year."
Thank you to Bob E. Jones, Texas, for these six pictures.
After confiscation of the caserne in 1945 by the U.S. Army, the post was officially named after CPT Thomas F. O'Brien, 7th Field Artillery Battalion, who had been killed in action at Aachen, Germany.
In the 1970's the 1st Squadron 1st Cavalry were stationed at O'Brien Barracks as well as the 2nd Batallion 59th Air Defense Artillery. In 1992 O'Brien Barracks was closed and officially turned over to the German Government on June 2 1992.

"All the pictures are around 1960 until the end of 1962. The unit was the 2nd reconnaissance squadron 15th Cavalry 4th rmored Division".


"Picture from the "D" Troop taken in 1961. The Troop was stationed at O Brien Barracks in Schwabach."


Bob E. Jones

   Declaration of O'BRIEN BKS on 11 May 1949.

O'BRIEN BKS was primarily named after William H. Witson on 15 January 1947.

The Schwabach Housing Area

North and south of Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse in Schwabach.
Finalized on 17 July 2014 - no more reporting about this area.

One house on the north side of Konrad-
Adenauer-Strasse is still waiting for renovation.

The houses south of Konrad-Adenauer-
Straße are slightly renovated.

The German parking lots are smaller than th US ones.

Completely renovated with balconies.

German regulations.

The week after Germany had won the Soccer World Championship.

Fenced in vegetable gardens in the backyard.

Lookes slightly renovated.

Would you ever have expected that (former) Russians would live in some of your appartments?

(pictures from 14 July 2002)

These pictures on the right were taken on 11 May 1994 by Mr. Frömter.



Refugees shall live in the Kaserne
(Nuernberger Nachrichten from
31 January 1992)

The Ammunition Depot Schwabach - see "Storage Areas"