Local Training Areas

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Local Training Area Schwabach (LTA) (Informations and pictures by Oliver Geyer, Schwabach, 1995, 1997)
"I just recently visited LTA Schwabach. It still was looking like 20 years before, when the US Army (from O'Brien Bks) abandoned it.The photo on the right is taken from inside a bunker." (Marco Frömter, 23 July 2013, also see -> Storage Areas)).

The control tower in 1995 (left) and in 1997 (above)


Local Training Area Tennenlohe (LTA)

Latest visit in the Tennenlohe LTA by Richard Jonscher in summer 2013. The nature is back.
Additional article about Tennenlohe LTA from Richard Jonscher  with interesting stories from the past (in German - 23 Sept. 2010)

Interesting Article and photos from 
Richard Jonscher about  the situation at the LTA Tennenlohe in 2009 (in German).
Leaving the trails is prohibited because of ammunition reminders.
Five Przewalski-stallions from the Nuernberg and Munich zoos were brought into the fenced-in area of the former LTA Tennenlohe. Later mares shall follow. 60 years ago the last Przewalski horeses became extinct in the wilderness. If the population will grow in the LTA they can be brought back to Kazakhstan or Mongolia. The horses are grazing the natural sandy area and prevent bushes and trees from covering it. This is cheaper than cutting it. And less dangerous: while fencing-in the LTA, almost 100 hand granades and mortar granades were detected.
("Fuerther Nachrichten" from 6. September 2003)

The area is now a protected forest plantation.

9 March 2002 (above)

Wild horses at Tennenlohe Forest ("Fuerther Nachrichten" from 14 January 2003)
The Tennenlohe Training Area was abandoned by the U.S Army in 1993. About a dozen of the "Przewalski-Horses", the last original horse race, will be settled in a fenced area in the Tennenlohe forest. They can live there independently in summer and winter time.
Before that the ground has to be checked carefully for ammunition.

Local Training Area Burgfarrnbach (LTA)

A farm has been built on the ground of the former LTA (in the middle of the areal picture.

Aerial picture from 2005.

17 August 2003

1 August 1993

1 August 1993

Training together with the Bundeswehr (date unknown).

2 October 1999

10 March 2002