American Hospital Nuernberg

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Added in 2021:
Description from 1938
 Reporting concluded since 2005.  



Visit to the former Hospital area
on 26 May 2005

The former entrance gate

The alley at the entrance gate

The main road

The houses look sometimes like those in Italy.

Right: A huge wall protects against the noise of Rothenburger Strasse

On the right: "Home Sweet Home" on an entrance door.

Below: Two years later...

The new housing area on the ground of the former U.S. Hospital is growing rapidly. Until Christmas more than 50 percent of the planned appartments will be finished.

"Fuerther Nachrichten" from 26 May 2003


Do you remember the fountain?

Barbed wire at the fence

Children are playing

The first garden gnomes have entered the area

Many families from various nations have entered the new appartments. A shopping mall will be raised.


All pictures above from 29 May 2003


A report about the demolition of the US Hospital in the "Nuernberger Zeitung"
(no date, probably April 2001)

The pictures above I received from Renate Nagan. They may be dated April 2001 and show the debris of the Hospital.

The Standortlazarett Kaserne was constructed between 1935 and 1937 by the Wehrmacht. It was controlled by the German Army District Surgeon and operated by personnel of the 17th Infantry Division Medical Detachment.


Article in the "Fuerther Nachrichten" from 10 March 1998
The  Standortlazarett was confiscated by the U.S. Army on 20 April 1945. Since it was only slightly damaged during the war, the 166th General Hospital began operations two months later on 11 June. Subsequent units have been the 16th Field Hospital, the 385th Station Hospital and the 20th Station Hospital.

17 February 2002 - The former main gate

17 February 2002 - Yes, there the Hospital was standing
From 1958 to 1960 additional land was acquired. The facility was operated by the 130th General Hospital until 1975 when it was redesignated as U.S. Army Hospital Nuernberg.
It not only furnished medical and dental services to Nbg.-Mil.-Com. but to ten other communities in northern Bavaria as well. In 1984 $36 million were invested in a complete renovation of the whole building but only ten years later partial closure was announced by the Department of the Army which was changed to total closure according to DA announcement #15 in June 1994.


Description of the "Standortlazarett Nürnberg 1938" - Thank you, Gene Kuentzler.

Picture from Rudolf Meyer (right) in the 1950ies.