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You may find more information in these books:

Die Amerikaner in Fürth 1945 - 1995
- Besatzer - Nachbarn - Freunde -
von Bernd Jesussek

Catalogue for the exhibition of the city of Fuerth "200 Years Of Independence", August 2018
Publisher: Stadt Fürth, BMPA
60 pages, 99 photos
Price on request, r
eprint available through the author

Sternenbanner und Kleeblatt 
von Bernd Jesussek

- Reprint 2014 -  
ISBN 3-927347-35-3, Städtebilder-Verlag Fürth, 1996 
196 pages, 65 black-and-white pictures
In German
25 Euro (resp. 30 US $) + shipping
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The book describes the 50 years history of the stationing of American soldiers in Fürth, the influence on the city of Fürth and the circumstances.


Lernt Fliegen! in Fürth-Atzenhof 
von Renate Trautwein und Oliver Wittmann 

ISBN 978-3-932376-80-1, emwe-Verlag, Nürnberg, 2011 
190 pages, 346 black-and-white pictures
in German
35 Euro + 9 Euro shipping

A very detailed and very carefully researched history about what had been going on at Monteith Barracks before the end of WWII. The Flugplatz and Fliegerhorst Atzenhof had been used as a military aviation school from WWI until the end of WWII. This documentation describes - as far as it was detectable - the histoty of the different aviation schools, their changes and the use of the airport facilities.
Very recommendable!

Ein Gebäude - viele Namen 
Publisher: Bundesamt für die Anerkennung ausländischer Flüchtlinge

ISBN 3-9805881-6-5, Bundesamt ..., 1999 
66 pages, 47 black-and-white and color pictures
in German
Sold out.

Text (.pdf)

The book describes the history of the main building of the SS-Kaserne, Merrell-Bks, Bundesamt für die Anerkennung ausländischer Flüchtlinge.


Erlanger Bausteine zur fränkischen Heimatforschung
Band 43/1995

Publisher: Heimat- und Geschichtsverein Erlangen e. V. und Stadtarchiv Erlangen
ISSN 0421-3769, 1995 
324 pages, black-and-white pictures
in German
Price and availability on request

In chapter 2 (44 pages) Helmut Horneber describes "The Training Areas of the Erlangen Garrisons in the Sebalder Reichswald Between 1868 and 1994" (in German). 


Nürnberger Prozesse - Nuremberg Trials
von Peter Heigl

ISBN 3-418-00388-5, Hans Carl Verlag, Nürnberg , 2001 
96 pages, black-and-white pictures
in German and English
Price on request

This book illustrates the atmosphere of the Nuremberg Trials and the nature of daily work as captured by American Army documentary photographers of the day through more than 100 selected photographs. A guide to those who come to Nuremberg planning to visit the site of the trials.

Mission Completed
The History of the German-American Men's Club of Middle Franconia 1970 - 2020
von Bernd Jesussek

© Fuerth 2002, updated second edition 2020 
70 pages, 53 photos
in German and English
Price on request, order through

The Club was founded in 1970 to improve the relationship between the American Military stationed in the Nuernberg Military Community and the German population. The GAMC has - together with other organizations - made important contributions to the favourable result that no major ptoblems had occured until the reductions of the U.S. Forces in 1995.
The book explains the situation in 1970, summarizes the various club activities and offers in three tables all members ever, all Board members and all events during its 50 years history.

Fliegen, nur fliegen!
von Neubauer/ Ohm/ Ohm/ Prautzsch/ Roschmann

ISBN 3-924983-14-3, Genniges-Verlag, Roth 1995, 2003
114 pages, 120 black-and-white pictures
in German
2nd Edition available, 14 Euro + shipping

The history of Atzenhof Airport (Monteith Barracks) with the emphasis on the time between 1914 and 1945.