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Kalb Housing Fuerth
17 August 2003
"Fuerther Nachrichten" from 11 September 2002:
The Middle School has been renovated. Parts of the special education school at Monteith Barracks will move into the new "Foerderzentrum Sued". The school will be named "Jakob-Wassermann-School" as it is located at this street.
The gym has now a 20 ft. high climbing wall and will be used by sports clubs after schooltime.
"Facebook Site Delights Americans" -  
A Facebook group for the Kalb Housing area was founded.

Article in the "Fürther Nachrichten". from 2 February 2015. English translation.
History Kalb Housing Fuerth
This housing was constructed between 1950 and 1955 for U.S. personnel. It was named in honor of Baron de Kalb, born in 1721, in the tiny village of Huettendorf near Fuerth.
Considered to be the most competent and prudent foreign officer serving with the U.S. Army in those days, he made

The Community Theater is pulled down in February 1997
Kalb000602-2 A super market is built at the same place in June 2000
decisive contributions to victory in the Battle of Camden, South Carolina in 1780.
Baron de Kalb died from the 11 wounds received in that battle.
The Kalb-Housing has been completely renovated. To each unit balconies were added and yards were fenced in. Some of the 1,234 apartments were sold as condominiums, some are rented and some are for social housing.
kalb9702-2 The Gas Station at Fronmuellerstrasse is pulled down in February 1997

kalb9702 The junction Fronmueller- and Schwabacher Strasse (Feb. 1997)
kalb000602 The same view in June 2000
It was a long struggle replacing the asbestos, PCB-contaminated floors in most of the apartments. Now the housing area is looking very nice.
ka9610 Empty houses in October 1996

Reconstruction in progress in February 1997

ka9711 Members of the German-American Men's Club visit the renovation site in November 1997

000602-4 Above:
Nicely renovated in June 2000

Left: balconies at Jakob-Wassermann-Str. on 12 July 2003

ka000602-3 "Typical German" on the left:
Some parking lots along the sidewalks were sold to appartment owners who had problems to keep them clear from other cars as they could not be marked clearly. So one of the owners mounted a sign above his parking lot. It says: "Private Parking. No Parking for unauthorized!".

Pictures from Werner Bäuerlein (about 1989).

Gas station Schwabacher Straße.

At Fronmüller Straße.

Junction Fronmüller and Waldstraße.

Junction Fronmüller and Waldstraße.

John F. Kennedy Straße.

At Thomas-Mann-Straße.


Steubenstraße (above).

Launderette Fronmüllerstraße.

Burger King at Waldstraße.

Wendy Burger at Fronmüllerstraße.


Above: Jakob-Wassermann-Str. in 1961.

Left Kalb Club in 1961 (both pictures from Harry Ross).

Left: The Batchelor Officers Quarters (BOQ) was one of the wto buildings on the west side of Waldstrasse, probably 1000 ft. northwest of the PX. Housed mostly junior officers from the Fuerth area and some civilians (picture from 1961 from Harry Ross)

Photos from the fifties
by Jim Hysinger

Pastorius Housing Area Nuernberg

15 September 2002:
Pastorius Housing is looking like a complete copy of Kalb Housing in Fuerth. The same balconies, many colorful flowers and nicely renvated outsides.

Pastorius Str. 22B-2 in 1990

Pastorius 22 signs of welcoming us back from desert Storm 1991 (picture from Cecil Simpson)

Pictures from Werner Bäuerlein, taken at Pastorius Housing after the drawdown.



Erlangen Housing Area

The housing area around Johann-Kalb- and Schenk-Strasse has been slightly renovated. No nice balconies have been added like at Kalb-Housing in Fuerth. The houses look almost the same as before.

Both photos were taken on
7 April 2002.
Herzo Base Housing Area

Left: I happend to find this flag. No idea what they were celebrating there.

25 April 2010: The Herzo Housing Area.

Nicely renovated houses with balconies  in different colours.

"Typical German"?

One buliding is used by the "Lebenshilfe", a caregiving organization for handicapped.

Schwabach Housing Area

see O'Brien Barracks

Dambach Housing Area Fuerth   -   Reporting concluded June 2016

Dambach Housing has partially kept the  character of a typical U.S. Army officers housing area.
The General's home.

Some owners have kept the traditional numbers of the houses.

Some have removed the numbers without replacing them by new numbers.

Some homes have not been renovated by their owners - since 20 years.

Some look very nice.

This one also.

The owners were more or less comitted to keep the typical open spaces between the homes - not fencing them in..

Some did.

Free access to the playgrounds between the houses.

Free access to the playground but most owners fenced in their gardens.

"Private playground - No public  park area -  use only for members of the EDGA -  parents are liable for their children"
EDGA =  Owners Community Dambach Housing Area"

Car port with a fence to the terrace area.

Completely barricated back entrance.

The former tennis court and basket ball field.

New houses south of  Dambach Housing, towards the Autobahn.

The meadow south of Dambach Housing.

 The houses have been sold to German families and were slightly renovated. Only a few more fences and bushes show that the inhabitants won't change every two or three years.      Below: Pictures from 9 October 2009

During the last 15 years the bushes and trees have grown, but some houses look quite unchanged. At others you can see that the residents have lived here for a long time and have collected many things, mostly stored in their car ports.

The "infields" of the housing area has been carefully protected by fences and warning signs which prohibit entrance for non-residents. For the children nice playgrounds had been built.
In the whole area a 20 mph limit should slow down the traffic.

17 July 1994

Right and above: Both pictures were taken on 1 May 2002

Left: Army Energy Program 1987