Monteith Barracks Fuerth


Pictures before 1993 from Monteith Barracks

Pictures between 1993 and 2010

The Monteith Golf Course

14 January 2021:

"Looking for anyone around Monteith barracks in Nov 1954 that might be able to input on this cars show."

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Photos from 28 May 2019
The former Pershing 2  shop is broken down.

The former guard house at the main entrance is removed, 28 March 2019.

After 25 years the Federal Ministery realized that they won't sell the Monteith real estates without preparing them at first: removing concrete slabs and old buildings etc.

The photos below were taken on June 14th 2018,  the series on the right two months later.

Article in the "Fürther Nachrichten"
Photo show about the location left of map location No. 1Photo show at map location No. 1
Photo show at map location No. 3

1 - Former garage

1 - Former garage

1 - Former garage

1 - Former garage

1 - Former garage

2 - Former garage

2 - Former garage

2 - Former garage

2 - Former garage

2 - Former garage, from the backside

2 - Former garage, from the backside

3 - Former PX

3 - Former gate office

3 - Former PX

3 - Former gate office

3 - Former gate office
All photos were taken on June, 14th, 2018.

The numbers on the map above show the area where the photos were taken.



A new office building ist under construction (7 Dec 2017).
180 deg clockwise round view from NW to NW.
Camera position see map.
Photos from the 5th of July 2017.

The "Golf Park" - the former Monteith Barracks - is the last former US facility in Fuerth that is under conversion and still offers space for new companies.

The former main entrance

The former main Entrance

Bowling alley (right), entrance road (left).

Some of the few  keepsakes.

Railroad loading platform (left).

The railroad track was behind this nice building.

The railroad track was on the  right side.

The big hangar on the right side, the big  Fraunhofer Institute X-ray chamber on the left.

Big areas for relaxing truckers.

A miscellany of renovation, modernisation and Bratwurst.

The first car dealer at Monteith.

A lot of empty space for more industry. View towards the Main-Danube-Canal.

New manufacturer and old concrete panels.

The former Patriot maintenace shop.

New industry for high precision motion control technology. Offices.

A manufacturer for  "High-precision metal-plastic  composite parts for automotive electronics".

A planning office for building technology.

A company for electrical discharge machining.

Bld 300 stood behind this tree.

Soccer field along fairway 10.

The building at the entrance gate.

The heating plant is in operation.
A new office building is under construction. (9 November 2016)It will consist of  22,000 square feet on 4 floors at the Gustav-Weißkopf-Straße.The "Golfpark" (former Monteith Barracks) is continuously filled with new companies.

Photos from 27 January 2016.
Numbers are referring to the position on the map on the left.

Along fairway No. 8.








Some old trees could be preserved. The moles like it.

Path from (2) to (3)

(2)  A manufacturer for die casting tools opened at Gustav-Weißkopf-Straße.

(2) The same tree as in the photo before in 2010.

(2) A company for spark erosion and grit blasting. The former soccer field in the background.


Nothing has changed near the former railway station.

A playground on the former telephone communication center.

The huge X-ray hall of the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits is used for radiographing big objects.

The wall has a pattern of stars which are illuminated at night.

The Flugplatzstraße with the former bowling alley (right) and the fire station (left).

The former fire station is renovated.

Opposite view as above.

The entrance of the Fraunhofer Institute.

A big fence seperates the back of the Fraunhofer Institute against hole No. 9 of the short course.

In the front you see... nothing: the former tank washing bay.

BRK-(Red Cross) Disaster Prevention Center.

Lunch time at the BRK.

One of the last remainders of the US Army, a ramp for tank repair.

New roads for more business. Solar panels along fairway No. 16 in the back.
Photos from  3 April 2015.

The improvement of the infrastructure at Monteith.

The exit to Hafenstraße is paved new.
Photos from 2012
The Monteith Bks area is now called "Golfpark"  which is attractive for investors.

The wooden hut shows the former position of the flag pole.

The former bowling alley in the middle.
The road names at the "Golf Park"

Hermann Köhl: German aviation pioneer who was the first pilot crossing the Atlantic ocean from East to West (in 1928).

Hans Mangold: He was the woner of a famos toy factory in Fürth (GAMA).

Charles Lindbergh: The first to cross the Atlantic Ocean from West to East.

Melli Beese: She was the German (female) pilot with licence No. 1.

Käthe Brand: She was the landlord of the airport guesthouse in the thirties and hostet celebrities from Churchill to Hitler and from Citroen to Vanderbilt..
Gustav Weisskopf = Gustave Whitehead: Born in nearby Leutershausen, he was a German-American pioneer of motorized aviation. It is said that he made his first flight two years earlier than the Wright brothers.

The construction of the Fraunhofer Institute on the right side.

The Fraunhofer Institute does scientific research for high resolution X-rays.

The former Bld 285. The chapel was at the right corner.

Around the former railroad station.

The loading platform.

The loading platform on the left side. The street is named after "Hans Mangold", a toy manufacturer from Fürth.
Bld. 309 from Sept. 2012

Photos by Johannes Müller
Thank you, Johannes