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November 2020:

The information panels about the history of the US Army in Fuerth (Nurnberg Military Community) have now found an ideal permanent location for presentation:
The mess hall of the former Nurnberg American High School (now Hans-Boeckler-Schule).
  Mrs. Heinrichs, the vice principal of the school (left), Mrs. Koehler, the designer of the panels (in the middle) and I present the additional panels about the history of the school that have been designed  .

Movie about the exhibition.
Nurnberg American High School Fuerth

29 June 2009:
In the yard of the former Nuremberg High School.
More than 1100 students are at the High School now.
Report from "
Fürther Nachrichten"
(16 November 2004)

The High School Gym has been renovated for 2 Million Euro. New are movable grandstands, the floor and bigger locker rooms. Three schools and five sports clubs (among them a greek basketball team) use the gymn now.
See report from "
Fürther Nachrichten" from 18 November 2004.

12 July 2003: More pictures from the High School and Gymnasium

Left: a photo from Bob Mc Quitty with the following comment:
... a picture from the early 1960s. The school cafeteria, which served three meals a day, was at the far right of the building looking at it from the front. Lunch was available to all students; breakfast and supper was primarily for the dorm students.

Right and below: new pictures from the High School from 15 June 2003

Above from left to right:
Left wing of NHS, from the left wing to the backside, parking lot, between the main building and the sports field

Picture above from Carlton Hamrick

Nuerberg High School now in use again
(Article: Fuerther Nachrichten - 25 Oct 2002)
After eight years and 10.3 Mio Euro renovation costs the "Hans-Böckler-Schule" (a middle school) moved into the building of the Nuernberg High School at Fronmuellerstrasse. This was celebrated by the officials on 24 October 2002.
The reasons for the enormous costs that were still half of a new school were different problems with the building. The highlight were underdimensioned ceilings that were built by German companies and certified by German authorities in the sixties. Today's authorities are still shocked what could have happened to the ten thousands of American students during the years passed. Now the area near Kalb Housing has become a school center again with a primary school, a middle school, a special education school and a public library.

Left: High School in 1961 (by Harry Ross)


Right and below: pictures by Werner Bäuerlein (about 1989).

Photos from the fifties
by Jim Hysinger


Elementary School Fürth
12 July 2003: Pictures from Elementary School and Middle School.
Right:: 11 November 1997

Above: Picture taken by Werner Bräunlein (about 1989).

Above: A picture from the "good old times"

Middle School Fürth

12 July 2003

12 July 2003

12 July 2003
Pastorius School
20 May 2004:
After a question from Cecil Simpson i discovered the Pastorius School. Now some private companies use it.
School History
I received some pictures from Cathy Withlaw, Tx. They show the Elementary School at Turnstrasse, Fuerth, in 1946.

right: The first High School at Tannenstrasse