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The GAMC is proud of being the sponsor for the Second Base of the Fuerth Pirates.
We're glad that we can again support this typical American sport (January 2019).

Forthcoming Events:

20 January 2020 - Last Membership Meeting
at DJK Concordia Fürth at 18.30 hrs.
We  will review the past 50 years of the GAMC and decide if we'll close the club.

Past events (see also Newsletter/ Archive):

20  November 2019 - Thanksgiving Dinner

At Rainer's Restaurant in Boxdorf we for the very last time enjoyed a delicious turkey, side dishes and cakes.  .

14 September 2019 - Family Picnic
For the last time Uli and Norbert invited us to their home in Fürth-Stadeln for the traditional “Family Picnic”. The first one the GAMC organized took place on 3 September 1972 at Rüttelsdorf. Traditionally we had Hamburgers, corn-on-the cob and Franconian beer. In commemoration of our former presidet Abbie Simon Uli hat prepared Chili.

9 July 2019 - Ceremonial Day

The DAI Nürnberg invited us to a ceremonial evening on behalf of the Independence Day. Prof. Falke (left) and Dr. Fraas said farewell to the DAI program manager, Kathleen Röber (2nd left), who will leave the DAI. Guest speaker was Meghan Gregonis, the American consul general from Munich.

Saturday, 18 May 2019 - Fuerth Pirates 
It was a beautiful day for a ball game when the Fürth Pirates celebrated their home opener on May 18th. In front of a large crowd, including numerous members of the German American Men´s Club of Middle Franconia, Mayor Markus Braun performed a perfect first pitch.
At the end of the day, the Pirates had added two more wins (11:4 and 7:0) and secured their leading position in the southern group of the Bayernliga.

28 March 2019 - Ludwig-Erhard Museum Fürth
Our excellent tour guide, Dr. Reiss, informed us not only about the life of the former chancellor Ludwig Erhard, who was born in Fuerth. She also explained the economical and political environment that made Erhard an expert in the social market economy. After the tour we enjoyed an excellent dinner in the newly renovated "Grüner Baum"

23 January 2019 - Membership Meeting
Although we had bad weather with heavy snowfall 25 members attended the meeting. Our president Marco reviewed the last year's activities and gave a preview about the plannings for 2019 (details and dates will follow). After the treasurer's and the auditor's reports the elections of the Board followed which brought no changes. We enjoyed excellent food and service at the DJK Fürth Gaststätte.

21 November 2018 - Thanksgiving Dinner
At Rainer's Restaurant in BoxdorfWe had pumpkin soup, turkey with stuffing, sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts and cranberries. As dessert cakes and coffee were served.
Here you can see the slideshow:

Forthcoming events:

20 January 2020
Last Membership Meeting


at DJK Concordia Fürth at 18.30 hrs.

Due to some misunderstandings with the official name of our group "German-American Men's Club" we want everybody to know that the GAMC is open for women for almost 10 years now. The title will be kept for traditional reasons only.
Vision of the GAMC

The chaining between the United States of America and Germany has been grown in centuries. It withstood the conflict of the Second World War and has increased during the Cold War and the partnership in the NATO alliance. Globalization and shifting alliances, changing ruling parties and their leaders may threaten the friendship between both nations. So it has to be cultivated and strengthened by perpetual efforts.
The German-American Men’s Club of Middle Franconia wants to bring people of all nations together to promote and foster greater appreciation of both nations traditions, customs, history and culture. It wants to promote good friends and neighbours and create improved mutual understanding and confidence.  


The German-American Men’s Club of Middle Franconia was founded in 1970 by Germans, Americans and members of the area’s Military Communities and is one oft he most prestigious clubs in Franconia.
The Club has matured over the years, but the overall purposes have remained the same, the desire to bring together Germans, Americans, and English speaking people of other nations for educational, recreational, and social activities sponsored by the Club.
Over the years, the Club has visited museums, churches, palaces and castles, and the wine growing areas of this wonderful region of Northern Bavaria. The goal of the German-American Men’s Club is to continue in this tradition, increasing its membership, and continuing to add contributions to International understanding. English speaking men and women of all nations are invited to join. Club Members may sponsor applicants for membership or applicants may contact the club secretary directly if they are interested in joining.

Contact/ Secretary: info@gamc-nuernberg.de
Newsletters / Archive
Marco Frömter (President), Bernd Jesussek (Vice President)

Heinz Stahlschmidt (Secretary), Norbert Friemelt (Treasurer)
Georg Barth, Peter Baumann, Eva Flasche (Board Members)

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