Memories from Raymond Melendez

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Dear Bernd,

a friend of mine pointed me to your website and when I looked at some of the pictures I almost cried.

My name is Raymond Melendez. I was stationed in O'Brien Barracks from 1988-1991. I served with A Btry 3/5th Field Artillery. There were two units stationed there. One was 6/3 Air Artillery Defense. That unit was closer to the front of the Kaserne. 3/5th, was to the back of the Kaserne. Our Unit used 8 inch howitzers.
I went back in 1996 and many of the buildings including the Nuremberg hospital were there. I now look at the pictures you have and what has happened to many of it and it is like tearing half of my life away. Germany was a great place and I have many memories there. I guess the rebuilding is great, but it still hurts. I love what you have done with the website. Good job!

Shorttimers calendar


Barracks Board


Inside the barracks

Left: departing to Grafenwoehr



A Battery 3rd Bn 5th FA in 1989
(270kB download!)