Pictures from Roman Kamienski

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There were 2 Main Units located on O'Brien Barracks:
1st Squadron, 1st Regiment Cavalry (1/1 Cav)
2nd Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery Brigade (2/59 ADA)

The map has letter designations to coordinate pictures. These are not actual building numbers. I only remember 2 building numbers, 1002 and 1003. The map has some building blocked out. These builidngs were not there in 1977-1980.

Motor Pools:
A: 1/1 Cav
B: 2/59 ADA
C: 2/59 ADA
V: 2/59 ADA


Right: M561 Gamma Goat, Communications Truck

Bldg D

Bldg. 1002 next to front gate

Barracks Buildings:
1002: 1/1 Cav (including Mess Hall)
1003: 1/1 Cav
E: 1/1 Cav (Medical Clinic on 1st floor)
K: 2/59 ADA (including Mess Hall)
L: 2/59 ADA
M: Building basement only. Building was destroyed during WWII bombardment.
N: 2/59 ADA

Bldg 1002, a friend's car

Static display of WWII tank south west of bldg 1003

J: NCO Club, Bank, Education Center and Bowling Alley
F: PX (Post Exchange)
D: Thrift Store, Library, Craft & Photo Shop, Cleaners and Recreation Center

Front gate

Bldg J
G: Chapel, Post Maintenance T: Gymnasium
U: Communications Shop
S: Class VI (Liquor Store)
R: Red Eye Missile Simulator Building
Z: Laundry
X: Antenna Tower

Motor Pool B taken from bldg K. Downtown in background.

Taken North West or outside the back of the kaserne

Motor Pool A, bldg N in background

Motor Pool B, taken from bldg L

Motor Pool B, taken from bldg K

Mini-Tank Range located North West of the kaserne (1)

1/1 Cav performing maintenance on M60A1. PX (bldg F) in background.

1/1 Cav performing maintenance on M60A1. PX (bldg E) in background.

Motor Pool B, taken from bldg K

Overlooking Motor Pool B, bldg J on left

Bldg J

Helipad with Red Eye bldg R in background

Motor Pool A, Sheridan M551

Bldg N

Inside MP Station office, bldg 1002

O'Brien Chapel with mini-golf course in foreground. Bldg G

Open House/Family Day, Vulcan Anti-aircraft gun

Open House/Family Day, Vulcan Anti-aircraft gun, bldg J in background

Motor Pool V

Open House/Family Day, bldg D in center background

Open House/Family Day, M48 Chapparal, anti-aircraft missile

Open House/Family Day, bldg N in background