Memories from Jeff Gallant, Arizona

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I was stationed at O'Brien Kaserne (Barracks) in Schwabach from November 1982 to November 1984. My unit of assignment was the 1st Squadron, 1St. Cavalry of the 1st Armored Division.

I served under the Squadron Commander Lieutenant Colonel Kim Olmstead and later Lieutenant Colonel Montgomory C. Meigs. I was the senior Military Intelligence Noncommissioned Officer in the Cavalry Squadron and the NCO in charge of the Squadron's S2 shop. My immediate bosses were a Captain Truxton and later a Captain Steven Northover. The unit was full of colorful officers and men and not a single one got by without hard work and stalwart soldiering.

There is much much more I could say concerning the deep memories and connections that I have to this part of my military career. However, in the Schwabach, O'Brien Kaserne Website I was pleased to see my old barracks building, #1002, which is now a museum. In fact, while serving in Germany as late as 199-2002, in Heidelberg, my wife and I traveled to O'Brien Kaserne and I learned that my old barracks room, on the third floor of Bldg. #1002, now houses a tea cup display of decroative porcelin and fine china. I may add that your Schwabach site highlights a "a very modern building in the center which is completely surrounded by bushes (picture on the right in this row, looks like a commissary"? This building was a dining facility or in old army terms, "a Mess-Hall". The two units on the Kaserne; 1-1 Cavalry and the 2/59th Air Defense Artillery Battalion, both had their own unit unique dining facilities, this was apparently not cost effective when the soldiers were in Garrison, so in early 1984, construction began for the new red brick mess-hall. This building was close to the Old Noncommissioned Officer's club, also a red brick building, which is depicted in your Schwabach photos.