Monteith Barracks - Old Pictures

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The Chapel

Inside (far left)

On 11 September 1993 (left)

On 24 November 2007 (right)

Looking down on Hq. & A Co.123d Maint Bn. company street and road leading to motor pool.

Base Rec. hall building look toward base Flag pole.

Left: Hq. & A Co.126th Maint Bn. 1970-1971 from company street

All four photos from Clifford W. Davis - thank you very much.

Main Gate from Vacher Straße
The main gate from Vacher Straße (date unknown)


Areal Picture Golf Course The golf course and the school (date unknown).

Areal Photo Storage Area
The storage area
Row below: 22 November 1985:
Brigadier General Shalikashvili celebrates together with Fuerth Mayor Weidemann the opening of the Monteith back gate which brings relief to many residents in Unterfarrnbach and along Vacher Strasse.

Above: 15 August 1973: a nineteen years old drunk private took an M113 APC at Johnson Barracks, "cruises" at 40 mph throuh downtown Fuerth, smashes a MP car (right) and stranded in a turnip field after he had lost four teeth during his wild manoeuvers.

Dirt track racing at Monteith
11 September 1974

Don Morgan:
"I am sending you an image of the 4th. Armored Division patch, hoping that you will post it on your home page for all the guys from the old 4th. AD to view."

Pictures from Tom Stalgaitis
126th Mnt Bn 4th AD.

Pictures were taken in 1969.

Left: The main gate.
Middle and right: In front of the HQ.




These pictures are from Allen Ham, Illinois.

His comment:

"I was stationed at Monteith between 1966 and 1967 in the 2nd battalion 14th artillery Head Quarters, Head quarters Battery. Attached are pictures taken at Monteith Barracks. I don't find any mention of the 14th Artillery. Also the 37th Armor and 57th Missile Battalion was there. Do you know what could have happened to these units?"

21 April 1964: A CH34 helicopter was burning.

27 Nov. 1957


Left: 26 Nov. 1957

A gasoline depot with 8,000 Gal. burned down, almost 100 fire fighters were needed to put the fire out

Pictures from Richard Sorge (between 1957 and 1960)

The guard at the main gate

"USO" Club in one of the hangars

Tank maintenance

A German Do 27 at Monteith
Tank transport with the "Flughafenbahn"

Barracks Entrance

Mess Hall

Barracks Pond

Right: Very interesting CD from Dave Shannon with many photos.
For copies ask

Tank Maintenance

Motor Pool C35 Track

14tg Artillery Motor Pool

24th Engine Demo

Thank You, Dave Dyke, for these photos from 1958. (December 7, 2008)


Looking toward the main gate guard house from the barracks area. The cars on the left are parked in the Chapel side parking lot.

Tthe Hq Co area 67th Armor 4th AD. You can see the fountain on the right which are in several pictures on the website.

3Back of Hq Co Barracks looking toward the Mess Hall seen through the trees. Vacher Str. is on the left (not pictured) Note the sleeping bags hanging from the windows being aired out on return from training at Grafenwohr.

Day of friendship on 8 May 1958 at Monteith. I'm sitting at the pilot's seat of the Sikorsky S-58.


No comment for this text above

 Declaration of MONTEITH BKS on 11 May 1949:

67th Armored Regiment 4th Armored Division (badge from Dave Shannon)

"Superfluous US-aeroplanes are being destroyed at Fuerth airfield, after the useful parts such as engines, propellers and radio equipment have been removed. In the background more machines are waiting"

"The Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Mckenzie King visited his troops personally. Here he is taking the salute by soldiers of the 26th US-infantry regiment..." (At Fuerth airfield).
Both photos and comments from "Nürn-berg nach 1945", publisher A. Hofmann, Nürnberg, 1995(3)

Areal picture from about 1920

The entrance gate with the guard in the 1930ies.

Picture from during WWII by
Dr. John Caruso