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Dear friends,
I sometimes receive requests for  informations about former units stationed in the Nuernberg Military Community. Sometimes people even ask for soldiers here in service decades ago - often only knowing the first name. They want to renew former connections or find their  forefathers.
I'm very sorry that I can't help these people because I don't have any records about former units not to mention single GIs.
In the following I try to give some useful hints - without any warranty. Of course the guestbook of my homepage or of similar webpages as well as new media like facebook may also be useful.
From The American Legion I received the following informations (dated  6 October 2011):

We offer a letter forwarding service to both nonmembers and members of The American Legion when they are trying to locate someone who may be a current member.  We do not maintain military service records on any individuals in our membership.  If you are looking for service records, we recommend you search the National Archives website at

 We respect the privacy of our members and do not provide any information as to whether a particular person is or is not a member of The American Legion. However, with this service we have been able to connect many individuals with the persons they have attempted to locate. I am forwarding you that information.  Please complete the attached form and return it to us per the instructions.

 Should you not wish to use our forwarding service you may wish to consult the Buddy Finder or Unit Finder.  and

If you are looking for a birth certificate from the Army Hospital in Nuernberg, you have to contact the State Department or google this:
"born in an overseas Army hospital birth certificate" or